Get in Monday, Get Out by Friday: The Simplest Way to Trade Earnings

Get in Monday, Get Out by Friday: The Simplest Way to Trade Earnings

I love that there are so many ways to make money during earnings season, but one strategy near and dear to my heart is this: Buy a stock on Monday that’s set to pop on earnings, sell the stock on Friday for a profit.

Get in, get out, get paid.

All in five days or less.

Then lather, rinse, repeat…

All earnings season long.

Earnings season trading really can be that easy when you have LikeFolio in your corner. (We’ll even deliver our favorite hand-picked trade recommendations straight to your inbox every Monday of earnings season when you become a member… Click here to learn how.)

Because our social media machine gives us real-time insight into how and where consumers are spending their money, it’s possible for us to know ahead of time whether a stock is likely to go up or down on an earnings announcement.

Before its Q4 earnings report was released on March 6, our data showed demand for online consignment shop ThredUp (TDUP) was surging and went into the week with a bullish outlook.

If you’d bought TDUP shares that Monday (March 6) at $1.59 and sold them on Friday (March 10) at $2.31, you would’ve walked away with a 51% gain.

A few weeks prior, had you seen that our database was registering consumer demand for Levi’s (LEVI) iconic jeans at 10-year highs, you could’ve made a similar quick-hit trade: Get in on Monday (January 23) at $16.18, get out on Friday (January 27) at $17.72 following its mid-week earnings announcement, and get paid with a solid return between 10% and 12%.

Or take under-the-radar security tech outfitter, Arlo Technologies (ARLO): With highly-predictive demand reaching three-year highs, we were confident this stock would surprise to the upside the week of its last earnings report.

And once again, if you’d bought shares that Monday (March 7) at $3.75, you could’ve sold them that Friday (March 10) at $5.92 for a 57.87% profit.

There were dozens of opportunities like these during the last earnings season – and we’re about to see dozens more over the next 10 weeks.

So, to make sure you’re ready, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to execute this kind of trade in a step-by-step video tutorial today…

Watch now:

How to Start Lining up Your Earnings Season Trades for Next Week

What if every Sunday during earnings season, you could see at a glance all the companies slated to report earnings that week, know whether you should be bullish, bearish, or neutral on the stock heading into its announcement, and get specific actionable trade ideas hand-picked for each opportunity?

That’s what we deliver in the Weekly Earnings Scorecard, all 10 weeks of earnings season, starting THIS Sunday. But there’s only one way to get your hands on it: Watch this.

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Andy Swan

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